Are Anal Beads Safe?

The growing demands for anal beads prove that more people are taking interest into ass play nowadays. People are explore what are anal beads, how to use them and are anal beads safe? These questions come in a person’s mind only when he or she is planning to try it. If you are one of them and want to know how safe anal beads are, this article is going to be very helpful for you. 

What is the common misconception associated with anal beads?

Let’s first talk about misconceptions that prevent users from trying anal sex toys. They think it is going to  get stuck in their bowels and cause a huge pain. It is not true because selling anal beads or other toys was not possible if such issues occurred. Yes, anal sex toys may get stuck if you do not follow the guidelines of using them. 

It is obvious to get excited when you have something as unique as anal beads. You may try to put it in without applying lubrication and that’s where it is going to hurt. Your anal canal is not going to release any kind of lube. If you forcefully put anal beads in, it may get stuck in there because of lack of lube. You may face some pain when pushing it in or pulling it out. So, you can say that using non-lubricated anal beads is unsafe and dangerous for your health. That’s why many brands produce high-quality lubricants to use with anal beads and other anal sex toys. 

Problems occur only when you do not use a sex toy the way it is meant to be used. Saying like anal beads are harmful or unsafe is not fair. It is people’s fault that they use these sex toys improperly, face troubles, and blame these amazing tools of anal sex stimulation

How can you make it a pleasant experience?

Although you have not put anything in your anus before, you should give anal beads a shot. If you follow all the guidelines and do it properly, you are going to love the ass play with anal beads. This sex toy is totally safe for both men and women. It leads men towards a better organism and women like it because it thrills them the way it rubs and massages internal organs. Follow the below given tips and your experience with anal beads will be awesome. 

  • Choose anal beads with flared base:

Anal beads are produced in various different sizes. One thing is common in all of them is that they come with progressive beads. Some manufacturers provide smaller size loop attached on the base. Using such a model can be risky because you might not prevent beads from slipping in, if there is no flared base. 

You should pick anal beads with flared base. Whether there is a T-bar or a loop, it should be wide and firmly attached to the linking string. Using this sex toy will be very easier for you if you get a wide base to hold and move beads in and out of your rectum. 

  • Choose top-quality anal beads to avoid health concerns:

Different producers use different materials to produce anal beads. You can get this sex toy made from porous and nonporous materials. Some people may not like to invest a lot in buying anal beads because it is their first anal sex toy. Buying anal beads made from porous materials can be a big mistake. These materials are not safe for anal play because they offer a safe hideout for bacteria. You may think you can clean that sex toy perfectly, but bacteria will hide deep within the pores. Therefore, it can be risky for your health.

You should prefer anal beads made of nonporous materials such as silicone, steel, or glass. There are no pores on the surface of these materials. It means no bacteria will hide inside your sex toy when you are enjoying ass play. You can pull it out when you are done, use a high-quality antibacterial cleaning solution to clean it and then store it safely. There will be no health threats and your anal beads will be ready for the next session. 

  • Do not use anal beads used by other user:

Almost every educated individual knows how sexual disorders transmit from one person to another. Unsafe sex can put your life in danger and so the sex toys used by other users. You should never use anal beads used by another user. It is unsafe because you do not know how your body will react when you will put such a thing in your bowels. Get your own sex toy, use it, and never share it with anyone. That’s how you can ensure a complete safety. 

  • Use top-quality lubes to avoid pain:

Lubricants play a very important role when you are stimulating anal play. The pros always advise that you should not try to put anything inside your bowels without lubricating it. This may turn into a painful experience if you apply extra force to do so. Anal beads are not designed to be used without applying lubricants. This sex toy is amazing because it slips quite easily when covered in high-quality lubricants. So, keep this fact in mind when using anal beads. 

You can choose from silicone-based, water-based, and oil-based lubricants. Oil-based and silicone-based lubes are thicker and offer additional cushion. So, when you apply this kind of lube on your anal beads, it becomes much easier to put beads in there and push it further. You do not face any kind of pain while putting beads in and pulling them out of your bowels. 

That’s how you can safely use anal beads. If you go rough due to your excitement and forget any crucial step, it will hurt and become a painful experience. You should not let it happen to you because a little preparation can turn it into an amazing experience. So, always choose nonporous material made anal beads, apply lubes, and enjoy your time with anal beads.